About Us

On your special day, we know its the details that count. That's why we're here. By shopping at Elegant Perspectives, you can be sure you will receive top quality products and service.

We custom design our products to bring you the best quality around. Our materials are hand picked for the best shine, color and effect on your special day.

Our satin sashes are 7", an inch wider than our competitors -- this on its own is a real world difference in appearance. Our chair covers are engineered to fit and cover most chairs completely without exposing the chair's feet. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priority and our feedback shows that!

Don't settle for less than the best. By ordering at Elegant Perspectives, you know you will receive products of high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Choosing the right style, colour and fabric as well as ensuring it will fit and hold up to your event's needs is very important. Whether you're a bride, a groom or a business, we've got the experience to help you select the right products for your event. Fabric quality and workmanship will affect both the look and durability of the linens you choose. 

Remember, that a picture online does not give you the full feel of the fabric nor its weight, colour or shine. Other companies will sell you the lightest (thinnest) material and colours that do no justice to your event's success. The lighter materials give them an edge on pricing and markup, but we believe its your special day that matters. We hand-select all fabrics to be of the quality we know our customers have come to expect from Elegant Perspectives. Order a sample, you will be impressed!

We're a wholesale event decor company located near Toronto, Ontario (Canada). We provide a full selection of wedding and event decor linens and other products to our Canadian customers as well as International customers. Our prices are extremely competitive and our products are above average in quality. This has always been our goal.

We will spend the extra time and effort needed to ensure you receive exactly the products you need and the service you expect.

We're always looking for your feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with your questions, comments or suggestions.

Thank you for visiting!